TUS 7011 error "request entity is too large, can't get upload url

I’m trying to follow the instructions for TUS uploading using uppy as my front end. I’m currently just in the beginning phases of getting started with TUS, and so I’m copy and pasting from the setup instructions.

Uppy’s endpoint is configured to point to a function that gets the URL and sets that URL in the location header (following these instructions https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream/uploading-videos/direct-creator-uploads/#step-1-create-your-own-api-endpoint-that-returns-an-upload-url)

When I hit the API, it fails with a 413 error, saying the request entity is too large. I can’t find any information about how to fix this, and I think my code is 1:1 the same as the setup instructions

  const response = await fetch(
      method: 'POST',
      headers: {
        'Tus-Resumable': '1.0.0',
        'Upload-Length': request.headers.get('Upload-Length'),
        'Upload-Metadata': request.headers.get('Upload-Metadata'),
        Authorization: `Bearer ${env.CLOUDFLARE_STREAM_API_TOKEN}`,
      } as HeadersInit,

  const destination = response.headers.get('Location');

destination is always null, and the response always fails. I know my stream token works, because it was working for direct uploads of small files, before I implemented TUS. Same for the account ID.

I’ve tried searching for answers, but it seems the answers are always taken offline via email or direct message, The result is the same in postman

Coworker found out the issue was just API keys pointing at the wrong account, ignore