Turnstyle docs links go to 404 page

These links all go to 404 pages

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Yes, you are right. However, please note that this is an extremely new service which has been live just for a few hours. It may take some time until Cloudflare and the community complete the Turnstile documentation.


Wouldn’t they finish the documentation before releasing the product? Makes much more sense to do it that way.

Regardless, I don’t need it right now, just thought I’d point it out in case the devs weren’t aware.

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The product isn’t finished, it’s currently in beta:


Docs should be available later today. It’s just waiting on Turnstile by patriciasantaana · Pull Request #6035 · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub to be merged.

If you need them early, here’s the current WIP branch: Cloudflare Turnstile · Cloudflare Turnstile docs


Still, doesn’t make much sense to have broken links there. Anyways, just letting you guys know.

Sorry for the inconvenience here.
Could you please try again?
I can see that all these resources are now available.


Yep, they are all fixed now. Thanks

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