Turnstile working on site but not sure where it was setup

I’m confused. I have Turnstile setup on 2 websites but can’t figure out where the setup is. I see no script in the header, no plugin, etc. Nothing shows in Cloudflare panel except a way to add Turnstile.

One site is https://charliesasser.com if that helps.

It obviously is working at least on the /wp-admin page from a new browser.

I’m ok with it continuing to work but I wanted to know how it was set up. So far none of the documentation is helping and all looks new in Cloudflare from when I set this up.

Have you looked for a third-party plugin? That’s how I deploy Turnstile on WordPress.

Thanks for responding. It is working now. I’m just trying to figure out how.

I also hate adding more plugins if I only need to place JS in the header.

My guess is that the implementation was different when I first started using Turnstile and now it is different.