Turnstile with Azure B2C

Hi! I’m new to Cloudflare Turnstile and I’m new to Azure B2C. Has anyone had any experience with integrating Turnstile with Azure B2C? Or is there not a need to integrate the two? I have Turnstile working on a test form that doesn’t really do anything and I haven’t found any documentation regarding using Turnstile with Azure B2C.

Thanks in advance!

GitHub - Azure-Samples/active-directory-b2c-node-sign-up-user-flow-captcha: A sample to demonstrate how to use a captcha service during sign-up in Azure AD B2C user flows is probably the closest example out there as reCAPTCHA & Turnstile have very similar APIs.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve seen that sample and I was looking for something more Turnstile specific. However, if reCAPTCHA and Turnstile APIs are that similar, I’ll look at that sample again and will adjust things for Turnstile as needed.