Turnstile widget seem to have crashed

We have a user experiencing issues with a webpage, I believe they are seeing the Turnstile widget and are unable to proceed further.

In the developer tools console they have the following message: “Turnstile widget seem to have crashed” (see screenshot).

What could be the cause of this? Any suggested workarounds?
Thank you.


I also have met this the same error: Turnstile Widget seem to have crashed: xxx

Getting this just now too. Since ypang’s message was 11 mins ago (and I’m guessing we both got to this very old thread via Google), it seems like there must be some sort of outage happening right now.

The error is accompanied by a warning in the console: “[Cloudflare Turnstile] Ignored message from wrong origin: https://foo.com” where IIUC, foo.com is actually the right origin - i.e. the origin of the page on which turnstile is embedded.

Is Cloudflare Turnstile down?

Yeah I think it was for a subset of users, but it seems to be recovering now (at least for me). Still getting user reports rolling in though, so it could be somewhat intermittent/random.

This is still very much an active issue. It seems Safari is working fine, and Firefox is most of the time. But Chromium based browsers are having issues. For example I can’t even get to this forum using Brave because the turnstile doesn’t load.
Edit: and right after I posted that, it seems the issues have been solved and the service is back to normal

Yes. In my env, turnstile widget works in Safari, but there still exists errors in Chrome