Turnstile use from blocking countries and with proxies

Some customers are hesitant to use Turnstile. Their primary concerns are:

  • Does Turnstile work in China? Google CAPTCHA is blocked from there so our websites in China are using a very outdated solution that has security holes. We are wondering if China (or other countries) block the use of Turnstile?
  • Does Turnstile work with proxies? Many of our users use EZProxy which effectively means they share IP addresses and it does URL rewriting.

Thank you


I’ve got the same questions. This post already dates from April and is yet without reply. That’s not a good sign.

Hopefully someone knows the answer? Anyone experience with using Turnstile in China?

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I’ve found this question & response: Some Questions Related to Data Report and Availabilty of Turnstile

Turnstile supports PAT, but doesn’t rely exclusively on this to make decisions. Turnstile is compatible with desktop browsers, Android/iOS browsers, and more – regardless of PAT. You do not need to prepare a fallback option yourself.

So I guess it should work?

There are several reports of Turnstile not working correct in Safari. I don’t know if that’s changed but I haven’t seen any reports of those issues being resolved. I mention that due to the mention of iOS in blurb you quoted.

Coming here an year later since the question. Still not sure about the answer to:

Does turnstile work in China?

It isn’t officially documented, but there were incidents in the past where it didn’t and was fixed: Cloudflare Status - China visitors cannot complete Cloudflare challenges

While Turnstile isn’t explicitly blocked, it’s served from non-china pops, so has to egrees from China and therefore it’s plagued by high ping, packet loss etc.

If you’re an Enterprise customer, you might be able to get a Turnstile version that is hosted on the China Network for better performance.