Turnstile use from blocking countries and with proxies

Some customers are hesitant to use Turnstile. Their primary concerns are:

  • Does Turnstile work in China? Google CAPTCHA is blocked from there so our websites in China are using a very outdated solution that has security holes. We are wondering if China (or other countries) block the use of Turnstile?
  • Does Turnstile work with proxies? Many of our users use EZProxy which effectively means they share IP addresses and it does URL rewriting.

Thank you

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I’ve got the same questions. This post already dates from April and is yet without reply. That’s not a good sign.

Hopefully someone knows the answer? Anyone experience with using Turnstile in China?

I’ve found this question & response: Some Questions Related to Data Report and Availabilty of Turnstile

Turnstile supports PAT, but doesn’t rely exclusively on this to make decisions. Turnstile is compatible with desktop browsers, Android/iOS browsers, and more – regardless of PAT. You do not need to prepare a fallback option yourself.

So I guess it should work?

There are several reports of Turnstile not working correct in Safari. I don’t know if that’s changed but I haven’t seen any reports of those issues being resolved. I mention that due to the mention of iOS in blurb you quoted.