Turnstile UI suggestion for shopping carts

Firstly thank your for the amazing Turnstile product.

I have a UI suggestion and I hope this is the correct place to post it.

I am running a short term ecommerce site running woocommerce with the excellent ‘Simple Cloudflare Turnstile’ plugin. Our audience is designers/UX folk/product people and we’ve had a couple of folks say the “Success!” widget is confusing in a checkout situation, as for a moment they think the order has somehow been submitted before they’ve paid.

For a contact form etc I can see how it works, on a checkout page it is a little too loud, that is it is competing for attention when all we want is to (safely) convert the sale; and secondly, it has no context for what it is doing (Success! What? Success for what?). A more subtle treatment and maybe the ability to customise the text and icon hue would be useful. We’d probably say “Verified as human” or some such, with a less eye catching tick icon.

Anyhoo, it’s an amazing product for which I am most grateful. I hope this suggestion is in some way helpful for future development.