Turnstile stalling in Chrome incognito


I’m having an issue where a turnstile managed challenge will stall (challenge spins, says validating, but never completes).
I’ve only encountered this while doing a turnstile challenge in Chrome in an incognito window. In a normal browser window it’s working as expected, Firefox private window works as expected.

I get a console error as well about accessing session storage which you can see in this screenshot.

Is turnstile intended not to validate incognito or is my site/browser somehow misconfigured? Has anyone else run into this issue?

Hi Mark, thanks for posting about this issue. Turnstile is expected to work in incognito mode. We’ll take a look!

Hi @mark, we did a backend change that we think was causing the issue, can you confirm this is no longer happening?

I am running into the same issue on my site right now.

Still happening for me as well.

I’m still having the exact same problem. Turnstile does not work in incognito mode and just continues to spin, unable to Verify.

Hi, We have the same issue but only in Chrome incognito mode, both windows and Android. Firefox and Edge work properly in standard and incognito mode.
Hope it will be fixed soon! Thank you.

The issue is also reproducible for me (only Chrome Incognito Mode)

Thanks for the updates! I’ve passed the feedback onto the team.

Same problem here, not in incognito mode, but in my local dev env. It worked fine for weeks until today.

Btw, checked back on this today and the challenge is working for me incognito again.

So maybe it just took a few days for the fix to filter through, but it seems to be resolved for me now.

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If this is confirmed, I’ll mark as solved :slight_smile:

We issued a fix for the issue almost a week ago, this has been solved. Thanks all for reporting!


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