Turnstile server API Timeout

I’ve been testing it on Turnstile since the end of last month.

Half of the calls to Turnstile API are resulting in timeout.

I know the service is in beta, but I would like to know what to expect?

Maybe increase the timeout on my side (today it’s at 50 seconds, can I move it to 2 minutes? 3 minutes? how much?)

I’m uncertain if it’s a problem of beta version, or the service is really unstable.
Now I’m using local retry policies to workaround, but I need to choose the implementation in a few weeks.

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Are you getting a HTTP 408 response code from your HTTP client when a timeout occurs or some other exception/error of some kind? Thanks in advance!

Hi @luizcarlosfaria, recently we have made a lot of changes to the backend of turnstile which should have fixed those latency issues. Can you confirm?

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