Turnstile script is clearing the console and switching to Sources

Honestly, I know there are other threads pointing out these issues. However the issues still remain and I think they need more attention than they’re being given by Cloudflare.

The turnstile script is running and then clearing the console. The dev tools tab then switches to Sources. This happens every page load and makes it extremely frustrating to be developing with this script loading in the background.

This is preventing us from implementing it at our agency and I’m sure others are having to make the same choice as well.

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Hi @dan.r.holmes, you may use testing sitekeys to achieve this: Testing · Cloudflare Turnstile docs.

This does fix the issue if handling the logic yourself (in which I tried and it does work well using environment variables), but it still falls short when integrating with a third party service like BasinForms where you provide your keys within the form settings of the service. We use Basin when we need to spin up a quick and simple form for a client and their turnstile integration is a great no-fuss approach.

I like to think there’s a reason for most things, but I’m not sure I can think of a good one here. Trying not to be negative. It’s just frustrating seeing it’s a service we would like to use but we’re blocked because of a trivial issue.

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