Turnstile Safari Issues

Hi There

We are using the managed widget type and explicit rendering.

We are hoping to use Turnstile instead of Googles reCAPTCHA v3 on our production website. The vast majority of our testing as gone well. However on Safari we are coming across a blocking issue. The results are massively inconsistent.

50% of the time the widget fails to resolve the challenge because it’s seems as though we are simply not receiving a response from our request to challenges Cloudflare com. So far, we have only experienced this on safari browsers (Mobile & Desktop). Has anyone else experienced the same?


Further context. When we are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, we experience the issue mentioned in the ticket 50 % of the time. If we hop off the wifi and use Mobile Data, we cannot replicate the issue.


Trunstile does not work on iPad (iOS 14) in Safari. Same problem here.

There are at least three discussion threads mentioning Turnstile not working with the Safari browser. Should someone open a bug report of some kind of get someone to investigate this issue?


While connecting public wifi, same issue occured in monterey os safari browser.

I’m running into this as well. Turnstile works in Chrome and Firefox but Safari for macOS never gets through.