Turnstile returns 400 bad request

I implemented several turnstile captchas on several URLs but for one it is return 400 Bad Request. There is no more information provided. Response is “Invalid request”. How can I find out more?`

@cloudflare: cf-ray=752d28694fe1929f-FRA

The only source code I added is:

My source is like:

  <div class="cf-turnstile" data-action="Login Job" data-sitekey="mysitekey" data-theme="light"></div>
<script async="async" defer="defer" src="https://challenges.cloudflare.com/turnstile/v0/api.js"></script>

Okay. Finally I found the solution:

You cannot use whitespaces for data-action attribute value. I used “data-action=‘Login Job’” and by replacing it with “data-action=‘LoginJob’” ist works!

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