Turnstile.reset is not a function


I’m having a critical error, turnstile.reset is not working!!

That function only works on console in developer tools, but i can’t call it in my function!

PLEASE FIX since user has to reload the page everytime they make a mistake when signing in!


May I ask how did you implemented Turnstile and are you rendering it via server-side or client-side? :thinking:

They forgot the password or type incorrect one? :thinking:

Im using the Implic method, when i say user has to reload page everytime they make a mistake i mean this.

User tries to login to his email account, before data is send to auth server, i verify that the captcha is solved, but if the credentials are wrong, next time he tries to login he would not be allowed, since i’ve alerdy used the token given by cloudflare turnstile to verify if its okay!