Turnstile / reCaptcha random token trigger OWASP


We have a simple Ajax call to our server with turnstile widget inside.

Randomly, generated tokens seams to generate false-positive triggering OWASP rules.

In our case rule 949110 with following OAWSP Code Ruleset :

  • 920272
  • 920273
  • 920274
  • 933120
  • 942200
  • 942260
  • 942340
  • 942370
  • 942440
  • 942490
  • 942420
  • 942431
  • 942421
  • 942432

Ray ID : 84aeacba495f0dac

Same deal with Google reCaptcha as it use random generated tokens.

What’s the best way to handle this kind of FP ? Our Paranoia level is I think at lvl-2.

It’s kind of counterintuitive to be blocked by our anti-bots system.

Thank you in advance for your analysis.

Best regards.

Ok small update.

We found a workaround that seems to be functionnal, simply replace triggered characters (could be _ or -, etc.) with some text then “decode” the token, reconstruct it from server before checking the validity of the recaptcha.

This way OWASP is not trigerred by the Turnstile / reCaptcha token.

Let me know if you have some insights on this case.


Best regards.

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