Turnstile privacy and terms links

I’ve started using Cloudflare’s Turnstile to verify human visitors to login and checkout pages. If the Turnstile badge shows up on a page, it shows a links to Cloudflare’s privacy page: cloudflare.com-privacypolicy and Terms page: cloudflare.com-website-terms


What is confusing are the privacy implications to those who encounter Turnstile on a website. When you read Cloudflare’s privacy page, it covers things like people who visit Cloudflare offices, create accounts on Cloudflare’s website, and many other situations. It mentions recording names and addresses and such in certain situations.

But there is nothing about the privacy implications of just having Cloudflare’s Turnstile on a non-Cloudflare website.

According to Cloudflare, the privacy impact of using Turnstile is minimal. According to Cloudflare’s own Turnstile page, cloudflare.com-products-turnstile:

Turnstile stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful UX that CAPTCHAs thrust on users. Unlike other CAPTCHA options, we never harvest data for ad retargeting.

It would be much more informative if clicking on the “Privacy” link in Turnstile would show just the privacy implications of using Turnstile. And likewise with clicking on the “Terms” link in Turnstile. Limit that link to showing just the terms for using Turnstile, not for using all of Cloudflare’s offerings.

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