Turnstile pops up then disappears on first page load

Hello, as the title says, when I first visit my page with a form, the turnstile widget shows that it’s verifying the quickly disappears. When I navigate away and go back to the contact page, it works fine.

I am able to get the widget ID after it disappears but calling turnstile.reset() does nothing.

I made a quick site to show the error. Refresh the page a couple times to see the issue. then go to home then back to the form.


I am using sveltekit if that’s relevant.

I got it to work by disabling implicit rendering and only trigger the render when the user interacts with the form.

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Think implicit rendering is borked.

Renders 50% of the time, which kind of makes sense if it was attaching the input field every time, but it isn’t.

Absolutely nothing in the docs as far as I can see