Turnstile: OS and browser requirements

we need to have a list of client requirements about OS or browser to use to have a successfull challeng in Cloudflare.
So we could put in our applications an alert to communicate to users if their tools have no compatibility with Turnstile.
Actually, for example, we had problems with Chrome v. 109 (that is not so obsolete - 2022) but the user had Window7 as OS.
Is there an official documentation about Turnstile requirements?

thank you

Hi @massimiliano.frau, the list of supported browsers by Challenge Pages and Turnstile can be found at Cloudflare challenges · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs, let us know if you have any questions.

We’re also happy to look into the issue you mentioned, can you reproduce it? I just tried solving Turnstile on Windows 7 with Chrome 109 and was able to do so.

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