Turnstile-only accounts - deleted zones notifications

I only use Cloudflare Turnstile to filter unwanted webform submissions for two domains. Today, I received an email notification that Cloudflare deleted the zone for one. While I was investigating, I received an email notification that my email deleted the other.
I have no other users, no API tokens, etc. Looking at the audit log, I believe that these were automated actions because of a hold (either because my email was not verified or because the domains have DNS holds, I am not sure). I have since verified my email. As near as I can tell, everything is still working properly.
As I understand it, the Cloudflare zones are only used when a user wants Cloudflare to manage DNS, correct? I only want to use Turnstile. As far as I can tell, this has no impact on me. Would someone please verify that, or let me know why Cloudflare needs a zone to enable Turnstile?
Thank you, in advance.

You are correct about the zones being used with DNS.
Can you confirm whether your Turnstile functionality has actually been affected or not ?
What are the exact subjects of those emails ? And do the bodies of the emails explicitly mention Turnstile ?

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No, my functionality seems to be working fine, which is why I am so confused. The emails appear legit in every way, from [email protected].
Email Subject: [Cloudflare]: {domain} has been deleted
Email Message First Line: The zone: “{domain}{full_link}” in account: “xxxxx’s Account” was deleted by Cloudflare on 2023-08-14T05:44:11.021898Z.

It then tells me to reinstate it if needed.
I just want to know if I need the DNS zone for any reason - I do not believe that I do, but I don’t understand why I received these messages.
Thank you for your help!

If your domain authentication has remained pending for 28 days, this would lead to deletion. Please confirm whether this is the case.
I would suggest to refer to the following article for this and other possible causes of the deletion :


I would tend to exclude your name servers no longer pointing to Cloudflare as the cause of the deletion, as if that were the case, Turnstyle should no longer work ( unless the regular automatic monitoring of your registration has not yet detected this). I suggest you check the name servers ASAP.

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