Turnstile not working on wordpress site


I’m trying to setup the wordpress turnstile plugin for Cloudflare for my website to reduce spam in contact us forms. I have setup the tokens correctly, tried refereshing/changing them to new ones, etc. but in the admin page on wordpress, when it does the API test/check I continue to get the following error image (in picture below). I am wondering if this has something to do with differences in https://websitename.com vs www.websitename.com or if any of you know what might be causing this.


Thank you for your help.

To clarify, the above domains are not mine, they were meant as a placeholder to show the variance in https:// vs www. , the forum/post automatically turned them into hyperlinks. Not my intention.

Please ignore this post. I have solved my own problem. For those curious, I took about a week off from initial implementation/error, and when I went back into the turnstile cloudflare admin page on cloudflare and added my domain name back, it allowed me to enter it without having to type www.domainname.com like it did in the past. I don’t recall being able to enter just domainname.com and it auto formatting/accepting it. I think this might have been either my mistake a week or so ago, or cloudflare updated something on their end so domains could be entered with correct formatting. Either way, this now worked and immediately fixed the contact forms plugin in wordpress having a successful test response looking like the following.


Hopefully this helps if anyone else comes across it.

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