Turnstile not working con Chrome for iOS (16.5)

I’m trying to integrate Turnstile in a web app and while it works smooth on desktop and Android, I’m having some issue on iOS when not using Safari.


I don’t understand how to get the QR code I see in other posts here, if you can tell me I’ll add a new screenshot.

The issue looks like Turnstile Failure! on iOS 14.4.1 and Cloudflare Turnstile undefined_error but they should be both fixed.

Any suggestion?

Hi @fabricators, you can click on the error icon 5 times and it’ll show the QR code. Thanks for the help!

Thank you for the tip!

I;m trying to get a properly visible QR Code:

meanwhile, in console I have ERROR [Cloudflare Turnstile] undefined_error.

Got it using compact view mode


We released a fix for that particular issue a couple of hours ago, can you check if it persists?
We’ll also look to fix the QR code so it gets displayed properly with size: normal.

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Thank you!
I confirm that it’s now working:

Perfect, thanks again for reporting the issue to us!

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