Turnstile not reliably working on Firefox

Hi guys!

We currently have an issue where Turnstile is not reliable when users are using Firefox as their browser. Sometimes Turnstile does not create a token for the hidden input. In this case, the send request to Cloudflare is not responded to, so the application does not get a usable token.

Does somebody have the same issue? It’s well reproducible with the current Firefox v111.0.1.

Looking forward to your answers!

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I use Firefox as my primary browser and haven’t had any issues with Turnstile. Do you have a URL you can post a link to? I can give it a try and report back what happens.

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We have this issue - see dev.live.space - for our login page, firefox works some times, not others, and it manages to crash the tab somehow, and finally have to restart firefox. Interesting, it started working once I logged into the Cloudflare console again; so wondering if there is some login interaction.

Thanks for the link! So, I just tried using Firefox 88. I get the Beta sign in popup. Cloudflare prompted me to verify, so I clicked the check-box and now I see “Success” with a checkmark. This is with both of my ad/tracker blockers enabled. I’ll try a newer version of Firefox shortly.

Thanks - it’s random for me, as suddenly starts working.

I’m on latest Firefox 111 / 112.


Ok, I just tried Firefox 111 (desktop) w/ blockers and was verified without interaction. I then tried Firefox 112.1.0 (Android) and was verified without interaction. All three tests were conducted using the same Internet connection, so I’ll try another test using a different Internet connection and we’ll see what happens.

*** UPDATE ***
I tried Firefox 1.0.7 on Android, using my data connection, and was prompted to tap the check-box. Once I did that, I was verified.