Turnstile issue on android

I’m using Turnstile in my react-native app through the web-view. For unknown reason it doesn’t work on some android phones(I have oppo android 10). Did anybody faced this before? Here is all the info about the erorr:

api.js?onload=_turnstileCb:1 Uncaught TurnstileError: [Cloudflare Turnstile] 600010.
    at d (api.js?onload=_turnstileCb:1:6659)
    at U (api.js?onload=_turnstileCb:1:21263)

I am also seeing “[Cloudflare Turnstile] 600010.” in our logs, not sure how to recreate though but appears to be affecting many users.

I also encountered the same issue, have you solved it now? Anyone konw how to solve it?