Turnstile infinite challenge loop Safari 16

We’ve just realised that up to 100% of our Safari 16 users are facing infinite challenge loops with the Turnstile widget (check the box, works for a few moments, then checkbox again, no error message).

To be specific, seemingly all iOS 16 users, and some macOS users (presumably macOS <=11 with Safari 16). I have reproduced it on an iOS 16 device, with no browser extensions and it works fine on Chrome on iOS 16, and of course iOS/Safari 17.

Got no QR to debug, because no error message, but I can extract an example Ray from the widget script if it helps: 8663b667fea250ad.

Hi @arrowheadapps, I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this on iOS 16 nor macOS with the same Safari version. Do you know what the exact iOS/macOS and Safari versions you’re having this issue with?

@mdemoura from the data points I have, iOS 16.7.5.

@mdemoura here’s a screen capture and console logs of iOS 16.7.5 which represents what our iOS 16 users are experiencing (at https://fmfc.co.nz/recover).

We use interaction-only appearance mode.

Kapture 2024-03-19 at 09.54.15

As mentioned Safari 17, Chrome, Firefox etc have no issue.

Can you advice how to interpret the console logs to debug/resolve the issue if it is specific to our site?

Many thanks.

@mdemoura can you help? Is this affecting everyone or is there something about our implementation and how do we diagnose it? Many thanks.

Hi @arrowheadapps, we tried to reproduce this issue, but we were unable to outside your specific website, including with a basic Turnstile with interaction-only for appearance mode. Could you share with us how you’re calling Turnstile?

Ok so it turns out there was a bug in our rendering of the widget wherein sometimes it wrongly re-renders the widget. In this case it was re-rendering the Turnstile widget on Safari 16 whenever interaction became required which caused the infinite challenge and reset loop, and made it really hard to diagnose.

Sorry about the false alarm, and thanks for your time and effort :pray:

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