Turnstile Failure! on iOS 14.4.1


I’m having some trouble with turnstile on mobile.
It keeps showing me Failure! after the checkbox.

I’m on iPhone X (iOS 14.4.1) on Safari without any extensions.
It’s working fine on other iOS devices.

I’ve linked the QR code

Thanks !

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FYI same probleme on this same device but on Chrome.
Here is the Chrome QR Code

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Mine hasn’t been working either, iOS 14.6

I’m not using CF for anything but some sites that use Cloudflare just don’t work on my phone, including some captchas that seem to be using Cloudflare. And I believe it is related to iOS 14 since the only devices that don’t work in my home are the ones still on iOS 14. Not sure what to do

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I am also having the same problem.

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This is a known issue and a fix is being deployed. Not sure on ETA, unfortunately.


I have been told the fix is planned for this week, nothing more specific than that.

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Awesome news, thanks for your work.

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Hey everyone, the fix has been released. Thanks again for reporting the issue!


Users on government machines using Chrome/Edge are still getting failures. We assume it’s their web security proxy solution that is being used They also just get redirected to Cloudflare’s website when they click the Cloudflare logo to show the QR code.

Did this fix that was added only address iOS?

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It does seem that the fix released didn’t cover everything and there are still reports of issues.

If you’re a government Cloudflare customer, I would encourage you to create a ticket to escalate this as quickly as possible.

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To show the QR code you must click on the “no way sign”, not on the cloudfare logo.

The fix worked for me. Thanks again for your work.

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Thanks for the clarification! Was able to get the QR code


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