Turnstile failed when Canvas Fingerprint is randomly

Seems like #611992,
I installed a plugin to prevent fingerprint leak from

Then i have a site behind Cloudflare in Always Challenge Mode.
Then I cannot even access my own site.
(I think challenge mode is the same as turnstile, they are one thing.)
This plugin even denied me using ChatGPT.
All sites behind Cloudflare are going to broken.

“Failed” means it always asking me to click “I am not a bot” again and again.
“Privacy Pass” failed too.

There’s a big difference between “all sites behind Cloudflare” and Turnstile.

As far as the issue, this sounds like expected behavior for the plugin. The plugin page states:

This addon simply adds a small noise to the actual fingerprint and “renews” it every time you visit a website or reload a page.

It looks like it deliberately resets its identity on every request.

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Yeah, I am sorry but my ‘all’ means all sites with Turnstile.

And oh that’s why i install it: to protect my privacy.
I think it is right and i don’t think Turnstile should use Fingerprint.
Even though it provides really safety for my own sites.
Truely, I am thinking about how can we protect our browser fingerprints including TLS, not only canvas.
And based on privacy, to protect server safety.

Just, i can let Cloudflare know what is my privacy based on their policies, But some sites can’t.
If their sites are using Cloudflare, And i should pass the challenge then i can continue access them, so that my privacy has already leaked. (If i don’t use these plugins, i mean, the step is, disable plugins then i can pass the turnstile, then before i turn enable the plugins, sites already leaked my browser info.)
So i am here to find out how to protect server safety based on privacy.

And they’re trying to protect themselves against malicious requests trying to circumvent their protection. If you don’t trust them, maybe you shouldn’t be visiting them.

It’s up to you how you would like to proceed…or not to proceed.

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