Turnstile errors starting April 24th

This error still is prevalent, seeing it come up in the logs almost 1k times in the last 3 days (including as recent as 10 minutes ago) preventing new users from signing up. It first started happening constantly April 24th (and before that just a few between April 20-21st).

Browsers include Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Safari, and Edge, so it doesn’t appear to be browser specific. OS includes Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, so doesn’t appear to be mobile only either.

Please continue looking into this, it is very stressful seeing this many errors. Everything was great until recently.


Is anyone looking into this? This is happening to regular users even without doing mobile view in a browser window.

Do you have any insight into what the specific errors being triggered are? There’s a thread that’s quite active with others reporting issues, but they seem to be primarily when using simulated browsers:

Edit: It seems like this was split from that thread actually, so sounds like it’s a similar issue.

Hey cherry, I’m not sure why my response to that thread was split away since it is the same error. The exact message is “[Cloudflare Turnstile] undefined_error.” and it is still going strong, happening hundreds of times today for me. I will probably need to switch back to reCaptcha at this point unfortunately until this gets properly address by Cloudflare.

cc @maxime.g @Benedikt-CF @mdemoura

Have you captured any “Ray ID” values or something that can be used for troubleshooting on the Cloudflare side? Is there a URL you can post for others here to try out?

How can I pull Ray IDs from the Turnstile request? The error is still unresolved, but I have mitigated the damage by no longer validating the turnstile response.