Turnstile Error: Limit of widgets


I’m setting up Cloudflare Turnstile on a bunch of websites, however after reaching 10 sites added on my account, I am getting this error when I try to add more:

“You have reached the limit of widgets for this account. (Code: 10405)”

Is there a maximum limit of 10 for Turnstile? Is there any way to add more?


Per “site” it cannot be added more than 10 domains as far as I know :thinking:

I am not sure if … hm.

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The limit is 10 per account.

It’s in Beta, so they’re still working on it. They probably want to keep it at ten until it goes GA.

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Yeah, I couldn’t find any information on their site regarding the 10 per account limit, but I assumed that’s the case.

Hopefully they will increase or remove the limit once it’s out of beta.

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