Turnstile Endless Loop without HTML5 Autoplay

Hello everybody,

as you can probably guess from the title I’ve been running into issues with turnstile, when trying to access sites protected with it. (example cf-ray: 850fe6701e48bbeb-FRA)

I was able to track down the issue to blocked requests that are being blocked due to me blocking HTML5 autoplay

What I expect to happen

CF Turnstile loads, I press the button, Turnstile lets me through.

What is actually happening

CF Turnstile loads, I press the button, Turnstile starts loading, displays an error message akin to “sorry, just a moment”, does not do anything, reloads the page and puts me back where I started about ten seconds ago

Steps to reproduce

  1. find any site using Turnstile
  2. block HTML5 Autoplay (either through the browser implementation or through a browser extension, such as “Disable HTML5 Autoplay”
  3. Try accessing the Turnstile site after clearing your cache.

I hope this will be fixed as blocking autoplay makes the web way more usable as compared to every second major news / content site blasting you with like three videos at once as soon as you open the site, due to not having HTML5 autoplay. I’d also guess that it’d be possibly to make turnstile not use autoplay, as you have to press a button anyway which would trigger whatever play event it is that turnstile is using for whatever.

Hope this gets resolved and all the best,

Hi @merlinglander,

Would you be able to log a Support ticket for us to check with Engineering?

Thank you.