Turnstile Domain List not respected

The docs [1] mention that you must list all domains where you’re going to use the turnstile, otherwise

When the widget is embedded on a domain not listed, it will show an error message.

But that’s not what I’m seeing. I can include turnstile from another domain (different TLD) and it seems to work without issues. It loads fine and verifies fine.

E.g. in my Turnstile-Config, I have these two domains listed:

  • mycompany.net
  • mycompany.com

But I can also use it on mycompany.org without problems. Which shouldn’t work according to the docs I linked above.

So the documentation doesn’t correspond to the actual behavior. Any ideas which one is wrong? :wink:

[1] https://developers.cloudflare.com/turnstile/get-started/domain-management/

@webcraft thanks for the bug report! This should now be fixed, aside from a UX bug. Please let us know if this still doesn’t match your expectations.

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