Turnstile does not work with: Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

Turnstile does not work with the Wordpress plugin: Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

What exactly do you mean by “doesn’t work”?

If you mean the Turnstile widget does not appear on the form, that’s your job to integrate Turnstile into your forms!

So how are you implementing Turnstile?

If you’re using one of the 3rd-party Turnstile WordPress plugins to do this, kindly reach out to the plugin’s author and request support for this “Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce” plugin. You may also contact this “Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce” plugin’s author to support Turnstile natively.

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Turnstile works everywhere on the website except in the registration form. Until recently it worked.

Now when I enable it for registration there is only an empty field where the widget should appear and the button to submit the registration is grayed out and not clickable.

Since it worked for quite a while in the registration form, I think that with one of the last updates a small error has crept in somewhere.

Again, this is got to do with the implementation of Turnstile in your WordPress site, not with the Turnstile service itself.

I use Turnstile on dozens of my own and client WordPress sites, and there’s no problem on any one of those sites.

My core question remains unanswered though: how have you implemented Turnstile on your site? Are you using a 3rd-party WordPress plugin? If so, which plugin? Or did you code the integration yourself?

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I use the plugin: Simple Cloudflare Turnstile by Elliot Sowersby, RelyWP and have downloaded it from wordpress org

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I use this plugin as well.

I’ll recommend you post your issue in the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile plugin’s dedicated support form at WordPress.org, so the plugin’s developer can look into it for you: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/simple-cloudflare-turnstile/

When you post there, be sure to mention that this used to work, but doesn’t work any longer.

Good luck!


That’s what I’m going to do.

Thanks for your support and effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

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