Turnstile does not work on planes

I can’t access fanfiction.net on an airplane. The turnstile loads forever and doesn’t let me verify myself. I assume this is because of the high latency on airplane wifi.

Please fix, love you, thanks.

Seems to me your domain isn’t using Cloudflare nameservers yet :thinking:

$ dig ns +trace fanfiction.net
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns41.constellix.net.
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns51.constellix.net.
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns61.constellix.net.
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns11.constellix.com.
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns21.constellix.com.
fanfiction.net.         0       IN      NS      ns31.constellix.com.

Furthermore, you’re serving an unsecured Website and collecting private data (email) to (un)subscribe, which is not recommended at all.

Please, fix those issues first, then Turnstile would work as expected.

Use the articles and tutorials from below for help:

But the www

$ dig www.fanfiction.net
www.fanfiction.net.	96	IN	CNAME	www.fanfiction.net.cdn.cloudflare.net.
www.fanfiction.net.cdn.cloudflare.net. 41 IN A
www.fanfiction.net.cdn.cloudflare.net. 41 IN A
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My bros, I don’t own that website (which definitely uses Cloudflare nameservers). I’m trying to report a limitation with Turnstile that affects all websites that use it, in the specific edge case of being on a plane.

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Why not look at the view out the window of the plane instead of looking at your phone!?

Are you messing with me? At cruising altitude the view from a plane is just solid blue, white, or black depending on the time of day and weather.

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Stepping back a little…

This is, as was pointed out above, not true.

www.fanfiction.net does however have a CNAME pointing to a Cloudflare domain.

Which were you browsing?

In any event I see no Turnstile on either browsing on Desktop.

I was browsing www

Also I don’t know what to tell you. Just because you don’t see Turnstile doesn’t mean I don’t. Do you want a screenshot?

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