Turnstile challenge is getting failed on mobile devices or dev-tools simulated mobile

Turnstile is not working on invisible mode on mobile devices and getting unsolved most of the time. On managed mode challenge checkbox is coming but still getting failed.

Its working great on desktop, mostly getting successful without challenges, but even if challenge are showing up, they are getting successful.

This problem is occurring mainly on mobile device and on desktop when using dev tools to simulate mobile view.

I’ve found simulating an iPad in the browser’s dev tools fails most consistently. In Firefox, iPhone and iPad simulation fails. Simulating a Samsung G20 on Android using Chrome worked fine.

In Edge, I found iPhone 12 Pro simulation works, Samsung Galaxy 20 works, but Surface Pro 7 doesn’t nor does either iPad simulation option.

Which browser are you using for dev-tools testing and which mobile devices are you testing?

Has anybody found the solution to this issue on mobile devices?

I have the same issue. invisible mode + chrome mobile simulator

Whats the solution for it ?