Turnstile and WPEngine

Hi, just a suggestion/request…

Since WPEngine uses Cloudflare as the CDN for its customers’ sites, it would be great if WPEngine customers could make use of Turnstile. Unfortunately, WPEngine’s customers can’t log into Cloudflare themselves to get a pair of keys. It would be great if WPEngine and Cloudflare could work out some arrangement that would make it possible. A win-win arrangement for everyone involved, I think.

I’ve floated a suggestion at WPEngine, and this thread is my first attempt to do the same here. I wonder what it would take to get the right people on both ends talking to each other?

Why not? I don’t see why using wpengine would prevent you from obtaining a Turnstile key.

WPEngine uses Cloudflare as its CDN, but does not give its customers a direct way to log in to Cloudflare. I don’t know if each WPEngine customer even has a unique Cloudflare account; I don’t think so.

I assume that I need a Cloudflare account with an attached website to get turnstile keys. In other words, I couldn’t simply sign up for a free Cloudflare account (with no associated website) and get a set of Turnstile keys, right?

You assume wrong.

You absolutely can. Just follow the steps in the Turnstile documentation: