Turnstile activation

I’m completely confused how to implement Turnstile. I don’t understand the guides.

What do you not understand? I suggest starting with the demo:


Does the Turnstile widget load in your browser? If it does, then you can look at the source of the demo:

To see how they have the widget embedded on the page.

Otherwise, if you provide more specific information about you don’t understand, we can possibly help clarify things for you. :slight_smile:

I don’t see Turnstile on the site. I was wrong from the start. I use WordPress.org

Are you saying you want to implement Turnstile on a Wordpress site you host yourself?

I say I would like to use Turnstile on a wordpress site. But I’m stuck from the start because I’m not a coding expert.

I quite understand CSS.

Thanks for the info! If you search for form for “Wordpress”, you’ll see some discussion:


I don’t believe there’s a “widget” or plugin you can use to add Turnstile to a Wordpress form. However, the discussion in those past threads might give you the information you’ll need to decide how to proceed.

I’ve found a plugin. thank you!

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Great! Which plugin did you find?


Awesome! Thanks for the info!

You are welcome. :slight_smile: