Turnstile 403 error


we are getting this error

Hey there,

If you’re seeing a 403 error without Cloudflare branding, this is always returned directly from the origin web server, not Cloudflare, and is generally related to permission rules on your server. The top reasons for this error are:

  1. Permission rules you have set on the origin web server (in the Apache .htaccess for example)
  2. Mod_security rules
  3. IP deny rules. You need to make sure that Cloudflare’s IP rangesOpen external link aren’t being blocked

Cloudflare will serve 403 responses if the request violated either a default WAF managed rule enabled for all orange-clouded Cloudflare domains or a WAF managed rule enabled for that particular zone. Read more at WAF Managed Rules.

If you’re seeing a 403 response that contains Cloudflare branding in the response body, this is the HTTP response code returned along with many of our security features:



we already check seems there is not any problem at our end , furthermore please confirm we need to integrate on server side as well? or just client side is enough?


Your sitekey is invalid. Make sure you copy & pasted it correctly.

Yes, you MUST perform server side validation.