Turnsite doesn't pass users with KDE Plasma integration plugin

Users with Plasma Integration plugin (https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/cimiefiiaegbelhefglklhhakcgmhkai) could not pass Cloudflare AntiDDOS captcha (turnsite): it results in infinite website reloading.

How one can fix it?

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Yup, can confirm. The same behavior can be replicated in both firefox and chromium.

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Confirmed using Plasma Integration 1.9. Confirmed with a website offering a testing Turnstile to happen because of a single line in Plasma Integration:

window.addEventListener("pbiInited", cb, {"once":true});

Plasma Integration uses a custom pbiInited event on the window, which is emitted by the script behind a <script> object inserted to register various monkey patches to functions to support the extension’s features (integration with the KDE Plasma desktop). It seems that Turnstile is detecting the use of this custom event as suspicious enough to force an infinite loop, which seems silly.


On further investigation, this actually happens when the extension dispatches the custom event, not when it defines a handler:

window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("pbiInited")); // page-script.js:293

This will only trip Turnstile if the window has an event handler with the same name (hence why removing the addEventListener worked too). Adding a timeout of 2 seconds in my case (this depends on how fast particular pages load) before the event is emitted is enough to let Turnstile reach success before the event is dispatched:

setTimeout(function() {
    window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("pbiInited"));
}, 2000);

Note that 1 second still results in Turnstile rejecting me. I guess you can consider the above code a workaround - just find Default/Extensions/cimiefiiaegbelhefglklhhakcgmhkai/1.9_1 in the Chrome/Chromium files, then replace line 293 in page-script.js with the above three lines. Would love to see this fixed in Turnstile though, as it doesn’t seem sensible to block users with extensions, and custom events sound like something that might be fairly common.


Hi @imartemy1524, @wedid18336, @freenullptr,

Can you please try this again and check if the issue is still present?

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