Turning on Proxying causes down alerts on load ballancer pool

We have a rather odd issue, in that we cannot seem to enable proxying for subdomains, and when we do, we are showered with Cloudflare down alerts from the pool they all live in, any ideas, we have checked for conflicting firewall and/or page rules, but nothing stands out.

Any advice would be massively appreciated.


Have you checked if you’re restoring IPs correctly?

Hi Albertus,

Thank you for the reply, this may sound like a really silly question, but how/roughly where do we do that?.

Best Wishes


When someone visits your web through Cloudflare, it’s actually Cloudflare what connects to your server, not the end user. In order for your web server to know the IP of the real visitor Cloudflare adds a header with that information.

If you don’t make your web server and application know the real IP address there’s a chance that Cloudflare will be blocked and then send you notices about connection issues to your origin server.

Restoring original visitor IPs.

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