Turning on proxy for WPEngine shows old site

We have our website on WPEngine. When I turn on the proxy for this CNAME record, the old site shows.

I already used the search function and it sounds exactly like this issue: When I turn on DNS Proxy, It Points To Old Site IP Address

My CF support ticket is #2999422 which I created as advised in this other thread.

Hi @michael149 I can see you did not share the domain name in the ticket, but can share the following steps within the current SSL for SaaS architecture to remove a Custom Hostname yourself if you are using Cloudflare on your domain:

Please let us know if this resolving the issue for you, or if you need further help.

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Hi Jochen,

I added the hostname(s) to the ticket, sorry about that.
The Custom Hostnames feature was not even enabled (I did enable it just now) but there are no custom hostnames configured there.

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