Turning on CF proxy makes domain unreachable (for root and www only))

For those 2 domains [selasufa .com]
[amnaelshandaweely .com] they are unreachable when we turn on CF proxy. This seems to be a Shopify issue as per another thread here

We contacted Shopify and they told us they disconnected the domains from their end and we should contact CF

Shopify seem to say this a lot even though, pretty clearly if you visit the domain, it hasn’t been disconnected - but half the battle is getting to someone at Shopify who knows what to do.

Email [email protected] with the subject Removing churned hostname from Shopify explaining your situation & post the ticket number here so we can escalate it.

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Thank you for your response, I sent an email and once they get back to me I’ll post here again.

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