Turning off web analytics in Cloudflare Pro

Is there a way to turn off web analytics in Cloudflare Pro? It adds a tracker to my site and I prefer to have no trackers on my site. I’m using the new dashboard and I can’t find anyway to disable web analytics.

The Javascript beacon version of analytics is at the account level in the dashboard, not, confusingly, under the domain name of your site. This link should take you there, or, when in the dashboard, make sure you’re at the account level (where you see a list of your sites) and not in a site, and then click “Analytics & Logs”.

On a Pro account, you have the analytics (at the site level in the dashboard) that doesn’t use a tracker at all, so you can shut off the Javascript one and still get analytics.

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I see that, but I don’t see a way to shut off the Javascript.

So if I disable automatic setup that will stop Cloudflare from adding the js tracker?

OK. That did it. Thank you. I disabled the automatic setup, and now my pages don’t have the Cloudflare js beacon tracker. No trackers on my site. Great.

You can also just remove the site from that Javascript analytics setup completely. It won’t affect the other analytics.

And I’d do that by clicking the “Delete” button on this page? That would remove it from the Javascript analytics setup completely?

Yes, that’s correct.

Thank you. That did it.

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