Turning Off Image Resizing Breaks Images

I turned off Image Resizing and now the images on my site are broken.

I see images are still passing through Image Resizing as they contain the parameters in the url (cdn-cgi/image/width= etc); however, the images aren’t loading. Again, as I turned off Image Resizing.

I cleared cookies, cache etc and have tried multiple browsers. Also turned off website caching.

I did submit a ticket but says it can take three days (what?!).

So, if you turn off Image Resizing, but you’re still using Image Resizing URLs, it’s … not going to work. What behavior are you expecting?

If you don’t want to use Image Resizing anymore you need to change to regular image URLs.


I needed to disable the Cloudflare Image Resizing Wordpress plugin I guess as it was still using the urls.

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Update: Nope. It’s still happening.



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