Turning off cloudflare proxy from DNS takes forever

I’ve turned off Cloudflare proxy to a gray cloud. Did this over an hour ago an still traffic is proxied.

How long it this supposed to take and why is it so laggy?

back at the days it was matter of minutes

That’s a change in DNS records and fully depends on the user’s resolver.

What’s the domain?

why change of proxy settings propagating DNS?

As the name suggests, Cloudflare proxies requests from clients to your origin server. But that only works if requests are actually sent to Cloudflare’s web servers. So when you have proxying :orange: enabled, making a DNS query will return a pair of Cloudflare IP addresses. When you disable proxying :grey:, Cloudflare will respond with your real origin IP to any new DNS queries. But the old DNS answers containing Cloudflare IP addresses might be cached by your computer or ISP. It can take a while before this cache expires and requests might still be proxied by Cloudflare in the meantime.

Because the proxies require different addresses than when you advertise your server address.

If you change the proxy status you need to wait for propagation.

The TTL for a proxied :orange: record is 300 seconds (5 minutes). Any caching beyond that is due to a non RFC compliant client or intermediary server. Changes to proxy status replicate globally on Cloudflare’s DNS servers in under 30 seconds.

Even if it was DNS issue it should should have been resolved (over 24h passed)

What I did:

  • tried to access from difference devices and browsers
  • tried to flush DNS cache

and still:

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 10.36.20

This is really annoying. it used to be much faster back in the days.

As already mentioned, that’s up to your resolver, not Cloudflare.


DNS changed in under 30 seconds. The TTL expired 5 minutes after the change was made. Without knowing the domain it’s impossible for anyone to provide more information.


Resolves just fine to the configured server.

You need to check your resolver.

Though if you check the server header, you’ll certainly get a Cloudflare server, as your service provider is using Cloudflare.

Thanks @sandro indeed my origin server is using cf.

thanks much!