Turning Off Cloudflare of Main Domain for Using a Subdomain?

My hosting company informed me that I would have to delete my primary website to be able to use subdomains of that site? Is that true?

Thanks, Sean

No. Cloudflare starts with DNS, like most hosting companies’ DNS. Then adds features for hostnames that are set to :orange:.

Is there something that’s not working?

Yes, the subdomain: everythingrealty.vanzantwebdesign.net is not working for some reason.

That subdomain does not have a DNS entry here. It needs an “A” or “CNAME” record, like the main domain.

How can I use a subdomain on cloudflare?

You create the subdomain with your web host, then you create the relevant DNS record here.

For example, if you want sub.example.com, you create a record, name: sub, content: IP or hostname of your server, normally the same as your main domain.

I created A record with everthingrealty only with the correct IP address. Is that the correct way to do it? Or should I do it another way?

A everythingrealty

Everythingrealty is the subdomain.

Yes, I have just checked that subdomain and it looks to be set up correctly. It takes you to an index page, so there are no files on that subdomain with your host yet. The Cloudflare setup looks fine though :slightly_smiling_face:

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GREAT. Thank you @domjh and @sdayman!


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