Turning Off Cache, Feels Impossible

Hello! I have been trying for the last two days to find a way to turn off the caching from cloudfare as ezoic requires it to work.

I have tried to set a page rule that sets cache to bypass but it did not work.

What is the best way to turn off caching within cloudfare?

Thank you!

Which assets require caching being disabled or do you want every possible asset to not be cached?

Do you have a screenshot of your Page Rule and the response headers of a request that is still being cached?

Thank you for the fast response! Yes, I want every possible asset to Not be cached.

Here is a screenshot of my rules. Im not sure they are done correctly though.

If you load your site (or the page you don’t want to be cached), open up DevTools with F12 and then go into the Network tab. Click on the request and see what the CF-Cache-Status response header says.

If that’s BYPASS or DYNAMIC then it wasn’t cached.

Perhaps what they meant was to set your DNS record to unproxied or :grey: in DNS? They should have specific instructions on what to set.

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Hello cscharff! This is what they sent me in regards to the caching. They didn’t mention anything about the DNS but for all I know that’s what they want. Ive been trying to figure this out for days now.

I believe i did it right! Here is what I see when I follow your steps. Does this look correct?

Looks about right - as a side-note, the cf-edge-cache header that you received from their support’s reply is related to the APO plugin.


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Thank you Kian!! Does that now stop cloudfare from caching?

I actually dont have the APO plug in installed I believe.

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