Turned off CF Proxy, my desktop cannot access any of my services

I decided to completly disable CF proxied on my A and cname records while troubleshooting some local hosted services. Now my desktop cannot access these services, not even within a VM. I tried another computer and my phone and it seems fine. I have tried to reboot, ipconfig /flushdns, /release and /renew but nothing seems to work. I have no idea what else to try.

At first I thought it was my ISP gateway as im temporarily using it till this weekend. Figured maybe something with NAT reflection however, I quickly remembered I had no issues before and my other devices still work. I know this not really CF (I think) but I need some help from the DNS gurus please.

May I ask what error do you get?

Using Cloudflare WARP or Teams/Access maybe?

Could it be the secure HTTPS connection (due to the SSL certificate, if so)?

Did you used and modified any entries in the hosts file so far (Windows, Linux …)?

The browsers hang for a bit then says error: Too long to respond.

Im not using WARP or Teams. What do you mean by the certificate, in what aspect? I have not edited any host files on any system. This technically should be working without issue on my desktop. As I mentioned my desktop is the only issue…so weird.

I noticed that things that were attached to my unify switch was having problems. I checked the hosts file on it, nothing was there. I factory reset it as i didnt have much of a config on it. Still didnt work. The moment I flipped CF backed to proxied mode, it started working.

trying to access to your own external IP from “inside” could give you an error

i mean, as default i found that error normal if you are in, lets say trying to access your own router external IP that is redirecting to yourself but if you try accesing from another device → → it shouldn’t have any problem (in some routers)

that problem is solved after you enable CF proxy because, for your router, CF is the server and at the same time the client.

Well that’s why I was thinking maybe this gateway doesn’t support nat reflection but why does all my other systems works without issue? I had planned to switch the router out this weekend and il see if it changes

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