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Hey all, wondering about the credentials for the cloudflare TURN server, what is the username and credential meant to be here? TURN Service · Cloudflare Calls docs

  urls: 'turn:turn.cloudflare.com:3478?transport=tcp',

I thought it might be the App ID and API Key you generate under the “Calls” section on the dashboard but that did not seem to work. Thanks.

@dbell docs say that it’s rolling out, which still is :slight_smile:

(Hey @cloonan, do you know why this is tagged Stream? It should be Calls - maybe we need to create a new tag?)


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Since Rollout is over, I have the same question in my mind. Am I supposed to see some special turn Server Config in my cloudflare Dashboard? Or are my TURN Server credentials created as an API Token?

Same problem here. I would like to use TURN in our application but the credential problem described by @dbell is blocking me. Any news?

@renan, please revisit this thread. It’s still unclear what credentials to use for the TURN service.

Rollout not over unfortunately. We are delayed by 2 weeks. Will update the docs to reflect this. I will post here when done.


Is there any update on the roll-out? The dates in the docs are outdated. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Launched today

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