Turn on proxy and website down

If I turn on the proxy for the .com domain the website becomes not accessible, turn it off and website is accessible again. Why would this be happening? I’ve never had such an issue with Cloudflare before. Hosting company says issue is with Cloudflare.

What exactly do you mean by that?
Do you see an error page?
If so, is it a Cloudflare error page, or an origin error page?
A blank page?
A captcha that you can’t resolve, or is stuck? or something else?

Thanks for replying. I mean that when I turn on proxy the website is down, it is inaccessible. I spoke to a programmer and he mentioned it might be causing a server error but not sure exactly how. He told me to try it with a sub-domain and test it that way and look at the server logs after I turn proxy on. It’s such a bizarre issue. Website is on VPS with Hostgator and support said it’s a Cloudflare issue. I’m trying to figure out how to resolve it. Domain is pointing to Cloudflare, if I turn on proxy website is inaccessible, so right now proxy is off to visitors can access the website.

It sounds like it may be a churned SaaS hostname, but there is not enough information to make that determination. Have you used the domain name with another service in the past? Shopify and ClickFunnels are frequently seen with stale SaaS hostnames that override expected behavior when the proxy is enabled.

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