Turn off www forward

Brand new domain setup…

https://deals.atlanticcity.com is forwarding to https://www.deals.atlanticcity.com - BAD= Do not want.

  • No rules in CF
  • Full SSL Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the server

When I turn Proxy off, it does NOT forward to https://www.deals


Sent low-level request directly to server and got no redirect.
Also in the logs all requests with status code 200. Not 301, 302… This means the server doesn’t do any redirects

I assume the redirect was getting done with a 301, and your browser cached it. That’s why you still encounter the redirect, while I do not. Even while your site ATM is getting proxied.

Also the cf-cache-status of https://deals.atlanticcity.com is dynamic:
So a redirect was not getting done on Cloudflare side, but most probably on your server side (temporary, then cached), or with a PageRule which your now edited/deleted. Also, possible would be a misconfigured HSTS setup.

For now, please open your developer console, navigate to https://deals.atlanticcity.com and clear the cache for this URL. Then your Browser will fetch a new version and will not redirect anymore to https://www.deals.atlanticcity.com.

Please keep in mind that Cloudflare does not redirect anything unless you have configured it to do so.

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