Turn off WARP after a period of time

Hi Folks,

  1. Is there a way to set the Cloudflare WARP client toggle to disconnect after a set period of time?
  2. or force the client to prompt for a login after a certain amount of time.


Hi there,

For 1 this isn’t possible.
For 2 you can control the length of a session globally or per application:


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

The global session timeout doesn’t prompt the client for reauthentication. There is no indicator on the client to say a reauthentication is required. The experience had been it fails whatever you are doing, and then you have to troubleshoot by going to the client and reauthenticate or disconnect and reconnect the VPN to force a reauthenticate. So it’s sort of making a guess whether the connection failure is related to a session timeout or a network/application problem.

Is this the correct experience that i should be seeing when i enable a global timeout session?


I’ve double-checked here internally and I gave you the wrong setting initially here. What you actually need WARP specifically is configure a policy under gateway (for Network and/or HTTP):


Once you do this, your clients should re-authenticate as per your chosen session expiration time.

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