Turn off Jetpack’s Site Accelerator?

Maybe I’m going blind, but I’ve been searching for a simple yes, no. :slight_smile: Now that Cloudflare is active on my site, should I shut off Jet Pack’s Site Accelerator? Especially for images, etc… I’ve read various posts saying how Cloudflare and Jetpack work together but does it make sense to both Jetpack’s site accelerator and Cloudflare running at the same time?

I’m not familiar with the “Site Accelerator” term. And I don’t use Jetpack, but remember they had a special name for their CDN. You can turn that part off. Jetpack offers many other features beyond what Cloudflare offers, so you may want to leave it on for those. Lazy Loading may be one such feature you use that’s not a core feature of Cloudflare.

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Cool. Thanks. They used to call it “Photon” and it’s basically for images. I have WP-Rocket for Lazy loading, but I do still like VaultPress for daily backups. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will shut off their CDN features then.

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